Good morning, fellow blogger friends!  What a beautiful and sunny day it seems to be from what light shines through my window, and yet my weather network app is telling me it's still cold.

I'm sitting here with my coffee, reveling in the wonder that is amazingly fast internet, listening to the kidney beans cooking in my pressure cooker, and waiting for these muffins to bake.  I've been thinking about my new job all weekend, wondering what it will be like, if I'll be stressed, if I'll get to know my students well, and if I will enjoy it.

We had been using the building's wireless, but my new employer required that we have stable internet with my computer connected directly to the modem.  Within a day Rogers was installing internet, and Jake and I have been living in bliss, having forgotten what it was like to have such speed.

This will be one of the most interesting jobs I've ever done.  Since I am working online, I get to work from home, which is a real bonus.  No bus fees, no packing lunches, it's all here.  The catch is that I will be working on Korean time, since I'll be teaching Korean students in real time.  This means that my week starts on Sunday night at 5pm, which is their Monday morning, and ends on Friday at 11am, their Friday evening.  My hours will be split shift, so I'll be working Sunday to Thursdays from 5am-8pm, and Monday to Fridays from 5am-11am.  Yep, that's early for this 7am riser, but I am up for the challenge-and maybe a little payback now that I'll be getting up even earlier than Jake, who sets his vexing alarm regularly for 5:05AM!

I'm feeling at rest again, that stress bubble that had been building around my heart is slowly easing.  I'm thankful for God's mercy in providing this job at just the right time.

Enjoy the quiet of this peaceful morning!


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