Birthdays and Baptisms...

Jake and I went up to visit my family this weekend.  Somewhere in the melee of visiting, I caught a nasty cough, but it is only a small price to pay for priceless quality time.  I made waffles for Nana and Poppa on Saturday morning, and then finally got Jake to watch Showboat* with my Oma on Sunday afternoon.  That day was full of parties, since one of my cousins was baptized, and it was my Dad's 48th birthday.  We saw a lot of people and ate some delicious food (including an apple crisp my aunt had made, which substituted nutmeg for the cinnamon.  It was a delicious crumble!)

We hung out at my sister and brother-in-law's house on Saturday to have a party for Dad, which included Chinese take-out.  My nephew was adorable, not to mention a little bit cheeky, too! There was a riveting game of What?, and laughs were inevitable as we all tried to guess who would have written each silly answer.

I'm so grateful to have a wonderful and loving family.


*Mel and I always loved this movie growing up, and always attribute it to Oma and Grandpa's house.  It wouldn't have felt right watching it anywhere else.  

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