Comforty Things...

What's better than a warm, savoury fish chowder accompanied by a thick piece of homemade whole wheat bread smothered in butter?


Even if you don't believe me, it must be true, because both Jake and I answered our standard nightly question of "What was the best part of your day?" with "Fish chowder and bread".  We almost fought over who was going to get the leftover bowl today.

I won :)

I often sigh at how much time I spend preparing food every day, but then I make most things from scratch, and nutritious foodstuffs take time and energy.

It's the comforty things like a good fish chowder that make being healthy worth it.


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On God's path said...

Doing this gets tougher with working. I can attest to that, though I'm doing better since I changed jobs :).