Jesus Encounters...

**This is an excerpt taken from my journal on February 3

Yesterday I went to a seminary in Toronto with Dayna & Corrina- it was on building bridges with Muslims [in order] to share the Gospel.  I was very convicted, and my point of view was challenged.  Many of the reasons I had been nervous about sharing the Gospel to them, [rather, people in general], were explained away.  

1. For starters, remembering that we are merely ambassadors for Christ, and stepping back to let the Holy Spirit do His work was HUGE for me.  I, Ashleigh, am not the one who converts or changes hearts.  God is.  I can aid with understanding, giving resources, and alleviating fears of certain topics.  But I need to let Jesus do His work.  That knowledge was super freeing for me.  As a believer, I can merely talk about my Saviour, His qualities, and my beliefs, without worrying that I have to sway it [make it sound/look good] in a way that they will accept the Saviour.

2. Prayer: this is an essential part of reaching out to others and sharing the Gospel.  I mean, at this point, I don't even know many Muslims personally, but I do know [other friends who need to know Jesus].  But it's like this.  Without prayer, nothing gets done.  I need to be more consistent in prayer, where God will strengthen me. 

3. Ministry: This should be merely a tool you use to get to know people, but it shouldn't hinder you from sharing about Jesus and talking about faith.  I was convicted in this area, because I want to teach ESL, but I don't want to become so consumed with being the teacher that I forget to be the ambassador.

4. It's a lifestyle, not an event: Praise God for Fouad Masri, the speaker from Crescent Project. This was a much needed reminder for me, since sharing my faith becomes so daunting.  The closer I become to God, the more I know about Jesus, the more natural it should be to let His life pour out of me, so it won't seem unnatural to talk about it.

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