To-do Lists...

In theory, they're great.  They really are.  They help keep you focused, they let your brain relax a little bit, and they're handy.

I have tried going without them.  I have tried using them.  It's much better if I use them, since I'm the type who has so much going on in my head that I might forget to eat breakfast or something-which is highly unlikely.

Since I can't go without them, I now have a guilt complex, especially when I see the same three tasks carry over, day. after day. after stinkin' day.  Some people say it's better to start with the hardest tasks first, so that everything else seems easy.  But this procrastination-loving girl would rather waste a whole day doing something that's NOT on her list rather than rip off the proverbial hard-tasks Band-Aid.  I like to do the easy things, just to see my list get smaller.  Here is a sample of the easy tasks I like to give myself:

  • Do devos
  • Read book
  • Make bed
  • Eat breakfast
See what I mean? By 8AM I could already have four things scratched off my list, and I hardly had to do anything.  It really helps soothe that guilt.

Today, I completed one VERY important task, and I feel like partying.  I mean, is it enough to scratch a line through it, add a check mark, and say, "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya?"

Because, that baby has been hanging around my to-do list for a month or more, and it feels a little blase to just move on to the next task.

I feel so free...amazing.

Now, to finish those other two that have been there for the same amount of time...


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