Tried, Tested, and True...

I've spent the majority of my life trying out various deodorants, eager to discover which one will make true on the promises to keep me dry, odourless, and in comfort.


We all know that sweating is good for you, and a natural way for your body to shed the toxins that it stores.  I think I've come around to accept that I didn't inherit my mom's 'dry' genes.  I'm just a sweaty, sweaty lady.

Recently I've learned that anti-perspirants aren't good for you simply because they keep you from sweating.

That's not natural.  My most recent endeavour has been to find a simple deodorant that keeps me from stinking.

I bought this one, in the picture, here in Brazil.  Along with the normal stick deodorants, they also have a spate of 'spray' deodorants for women, so I just picked one at random in hopes of feeling and smelling pretty.

Let me tell you, I hope that they sell it in Canada, because it keeps me pretty fresh-smelling for basically the whole day!  (And that says a lot when the temps around here have been in the mid to high 30's)   Its promise of 'Dry Comfort' has yet to be seen, because I've still got sweat rolling down from my armpits; but hey, the stench isn't completely noxious.

So there you have it- my new favourite deodorant.  Just what you wanted to know ;)


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Good news!
Glad to hear that you have found something that will keep you 'sweet smelling' in the extreme heat and maybe you should pick up some extras to take back when you return home in case they do not have this one on Canada XOXO NAN