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I'm going to share some stories about Free Flight, the youth centre/mission that Jake and I visited in Aguas Lindas.
Adenaide in the padaria (bakery)
 Adenaide came to Free Flight desiring to learn the art of sewing.  When she heard that God had given the association money to start a padaria (bakery), she begged the staff to let her and her son be trained as bakers.  Now they are the ones who run it, and what a fine job she does.
Showing off her oven
  Another one of her children, a daughter, is deaf and mute, but now she is coming to the mission to attend the sewing class.  She will not only have gained a skill, but also a means of supporting herself where her disability would otherwise limit her options.
Adenaide's daughter is in red

Nyce works at the ice cream shop (which also sells the baked goods).  She makes the ice cream right on site, and sells it by scoop, in cones, or by the bucket.  Jake and I actually got to go with a staff member to deliver the delicious ice cream to one of the small little shops in Aguas Lindas, where they would not necessarily have the capabilities of making it like Free Flight does.
Nyce, proudly displaying the equipment she uses to make ice cream.  Being of small stature, she's had to build muscle to heft the 20lbs worth of ice cream every day.
 The day we arrived at Free Flight, I thought I recognized her.  It turns out, she was one of my students when I taught ESL there!  She was only 16 years old at that time, but we're both married now, and she's been able to get a job at the ice cream shop due to her connections with Free Flight.  She still takes classes when she's not working at the shop.

Former teacher and student reunited
Free Flight is blessed by having the income from the bakery and the ice cream shop, but they are also blessing others by giving them a 'hand up' and literally working with the community to improve quality of life.  Not only do they educate the mind, but they also minister to the soul, and that's the only way to touch someone with the power of Jesus Christ!



Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
That was a very interesting blog tonight and we enjoyed hearing all about your visit to Aguas Lindas and your meeting with the friends you made on your earlier visit.
That is quite an operation that has been started there.
Thanks for sharing the stories and the pictures.
Lots of love from NAN xoxo

On God's path said...

Wow is about all I can say! Amazing to see how God is working in another country! Praying for you here on Canadian soil whilst you are on Brazilian soil!