Let It Go...

One of the hardest things about being a teacher, for me at least, is learning how to learn.  Ironic, isn't it? I expect such perfection from myself, especially in the classroom, and don't give myself any breathing room.

Tonight was one of those nights.  The lesson that I had prepared turned out to be much more difficult for the students than either Jake or myself had anticipated.  I started holding tension, was getting frustrated with a student, started taking over the class i.e. wasn't letting Jake do anything in an attempt to gain control of the situation.

When the class ended, I let out a whoosh of a breath, and started being negative with myself.

I'm a terrible teacher.
They didn't learn anything.
How did I not anticipate that?
Why was the handout so difficult?! 

I need to just let it go.  There was enough information there that they will take away something, even if it's one word.

Plus, now I can prepare better for next week's class.



Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
I am sorry to hear how stressful things turned out for you tonight, but we will pray that as you reevaluate the situation, you will be able to work things out so that you will know what didn't work out this time and try a little different approach for next week. Much love NAN xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hello Ash & Jake,

I am sure enjoying Nan sending your letters on to me (Pat Croisant). Yes, teaching can sometimes be that way!! LOL!! I was director of Children's Church for almost 12 years. Sometimes you wonder, "God, am I doing what You want me to do?" But I learned that the Devil was good at making you think that!!

Also, my daughter teaches school...Kindergarten!!! Loves it though!!

You two are in my prayers and I know that God will continue to lead and guide you. He didn't take you there to walk off and forsake you!! Take care and will look forward to reading your next update. God bless. Pat