Cannelloni and Some Updates...

The cottage cheese here is more like ricotta, and so much cheaper! 

Mozzarella first, then the filling

All rolled up!

Perfectly delicious and filling cannelloni!
As you can see, lunch today was delightful.  Both Jake and I agreed that this was the best meal I've made since getting here.  I think I'm getting the hang of cooking in our tiny little 'kitchen'.

I was a little bit lax on the blogs last week, and I know some of you were waiting for me to fill you in on our lives down here.  Last week was quite an emotional one, filled with ups and downs of adjusting to various things.  I'm happy to say that this week has gotten off to a wonderful start, including planning our ESL lessons a day in advance.  This has helped to alleviate much of the stress that I felt last week.  Thanks for your prayers!

Jake and I had the chance to visit Joyce Hancock, a missionary with CBM, and Free Flight Association, where I was teaching ESL when I lived in Brazil 6 years ago.  It was a blessing to see all the things that God has been doing there, including providing enough finances for there to be a bakery and ice cream shop.  (I'm sad that I forgot to get a picture of us with Joyce!)

The weekend seemed to fly by, and before we knew it, we were back in Anapolis looking forward to our fourth week here.  I'm glad, though, that Jake was able to see a different part of Brazil.  It was so good to visit and be with some of my friends that I've been missing for so long, including these beautiful ladies:

From L to R: Gisele, Soraia, Lilihanna, Jorcina (she's expecting her first baby in February!)

On Friday, we had to say goodbye to the Bacheller's, who we've been working with closely since we got here.  Ben and Becky flew home to the States on Saturday night, where they'll stay for a couple of months.  
From L to R: Caleb with the kitties, Leo and Cleo, baby David, and Samuel
We've been missing them this week, and things have been especially quiet around here.  Thankfully we have their dog, Nina, to look after and keep us company:

Nina (on the right), and her mom Nega
Anyways, that's about it for now.  Hope everyone is having a blessed day!


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
It is good to hear how things are going with you both.

What a delicious looking meal you put together in your little kitchen.
You are dong just great.

Glad you were able to get back to Aguas Lindos to see Joyce and some of the friends you made there on your last visit.
I am sure Jake enjoyed visiting there as well.

Your pictures here are great!
Hope things will be okay for you as the Bachellers have left and that there will be some others to take their place.
Have fun with their little dog Nina.
Our prayer will continue.
Much love from NAN and POPS xoxoxo