Show Some L-O-V-E...

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone is feeling the love today, and if you're not, then show some love to someone else.

This will be my third Valentine's Day with Jake... Let's recap...

2010- We had a choir performance.  Jake was sick, and couldn't come, so I made him a little V-day card and gave him some cans of soup before I left.

2011- Our first married Valentine's Day! I had to work an afternoon shift, so we went to a nice restaurant the day or two before.  Jake gave me some delicious chocolates from Reids'...so fancy!

2012- Trying to do Valentine's Day on a budget....we'll see how it goes :)

The best part about Valentine's Day is that you get to be reminded about why you love all the people in your life, and what love really means to you.  There are some folks out there who say that they focus on their friends and family on this day, rather than their significant other.  And that's fine for them.  I spent the whole of my growing-up years giving little cheesy V-day cards to my friends and family and eating a ton of chocolate and candy.  My nana always made little goodie bags for us (in fact, she does this for every holiday, and it's something we look forward to!)  It really always has been one of my favourite 'holidays'.

I'm still gonna write cheesy little texts to my friends, and call my family.  It's just that now I can be cheesy and romantic with my husband; eating candlelight dinners, going out to a fancy restaurant, devouring decadent chocolate, or writing little heart-shaped love notes.

Yesterday I wrote out some words to describe what love means to me, words like safety, commitment, sacrifice, constancy, presence, attention, warmth, comfort, and stability.  There is no other human relationship that I can see this more clearly displayed than my relationship with Jake, and that's what marriage is for: to reflect our relationship with Christ.

Of course there are 364/5 other days of the year that should not be ignored. But today I have a reason to celebrate the meaning of love, and not just the romantic stuff either.

I love you, Jake.  I will always be your Valentine.


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