Life the way you want...

As I grow older, I am starting to understand what adults feel whenever they talk about regrets they have about not doing such and such in life.  It can be addicting to talk about the could have's and should have's, but is it really necessary? Does it edify anyone?

I have caught myself dreaming and wishing that I had graduated with a million other degrees than with the one I have, and wishing that I had been trained in dance, or that I had been a lifeguard, or...yes, I could go on and on.

But honestly, all this dreaming and wishing about the past never makes me feel good.  Isn't that the nature of discontent?  It is debilitating at its very best, and absolutely paralyzing at its very worst.

And P.S...everything that has happened in our lives is according to God's Will anyways.  I am on this trajectory because He has some purpose in mind for me.  Maybe I haven't been very useful yet, or haven't had much of a chance to serve Him with all my giftings.

But thankfully, He knows just the right time for that.  He knows just the right time for when I'm going to complete my TESOL internship, or receive my TESL Canada accreditation, or go for my Master's.

Being content is where I long to be;

       pray with me.


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