Getting Down to Business...

It's back to work for me this week.  I had a nice time off, but I'm eager to make money again.

I have lots on my to-do-list today, so I can't write for long, but I want to leave you with one last thought that I took from Pastor David's sermon yesterday:

If you're going through trials in life, God is most likely allowing them to conform you into a person of grace and mercy, and is using them to grow you into more holiness. 

May you be blessed today.



Singinglady said...

hi Ash
Hope things go well as you get back to work today.
The closing quote from your pastor is a good one.
I hope you do not mind if I share it as well.
I have many people right now that it would be an encouragement to.
Love you lots
Have a great day

Anita said...

what a wonderful reminder and one I really needed today - thank you!