Learning to say "no"...

How do I say this? I've taken on too much.  Mentally, I'm shot.  Even though I have most mornings free, I don't always spend them productively, which leads to guilt trips and yada yada.  Now, I have less than a month left to finish my course, I'm behind on finishing my exam, and I've got so many things on the go.  As Jake said last night, my calendar doesn't look like one of someone who has yet to complete a course.

I've often asked myself in the past couple of weeks, Why is discipline so hard to learn? It's one of those things I've struggled with most of my life, and yet I have never felt it burning within me as much as I do now.  It disgusts me how much I waste the hours God has given me during the day, as I fill it up with things that aren't so necessary.  

On the bright side, I finished the first part of my exam this morning (in a flurry of procrastinative rushing that is completely my style).  I just took a break now to write this missive in hopes that someone will keep praying for me through this month.  I need your prayers and ask for them shamelessly!



Anonymous said...

I love you Ash... I will pray for you! I love the steadiness of work because it keeps me disciplined... the evenings go to waste.. and I usually sleep til the last minute in the morning... so I need to learn discipline too!!!!

Keep on trying.. I have been reminded that the Christian walk on earth is not about perfection but about perseverance... xoxo

Anita said...

It's ok! Saying no to one thing allows you to say yes to something else.