In Search for Miso...

My newest hobby, reading cookbooks for fun, has enlightened me to the broadest world of cooking that I have ever known.  I've been learning about new types of fish, pastes, and powders like guar gum.  Combinations such as ratatouille and fried eggs had never crossed my mind in my small sphere of cooking.

In the past, you could never get dragonfruit so easily, or have an exotic vegetable on hand like today.  Globalization has done wonders for the aspiring chefs of our continent.

And yet... in my search for something commonly seen in my recipe books, I had difficulty.  For those of you who don't know what miso is, it is a soy paste commonly used in East Asian cooking (especially Japan), to flavour soups and other foods.  After looking in the international section in both Zehrs and Food Basics to no avail, I was directed to the health food store by a friend.  Happy to find four types of miso there, I am eager to try out my portobello miso soup tonight for dinner.



Singinglady said...

It sounds exciting that you are on this culinary adventure.
Who knows you may end up being a renowned chef!
And don't laugh at that !
Our neighbour a couple of doors away who grew up with your mom is now a world famous chef,
She has her own TV program called Pitchin' In and can be seen on the Food Channel and recently is on quite often on the Marilyn Dennis show on CTV
Glad you located the Miso and your soup looks great.
Xoxo Nan

Singinglady said...

I forgot to tell you that her name is Chef Lynn Crawford
Google her and find some of her recipes!

On God's path said...

This sounds delicious. I'm rather hungry though as I haven't eaten since this afternoon around 1 lol.