The Days that Blurred...

Since it is reading week at the college, I have been off and without any work.  Except for a couple afternoons of baby-sitting, I have been visiting with friends and reading.  And yet somehow, I still get the feeling that the week went by much too fast.  The days seem to have muddied around the edges a little bit, and, much like a watercolour painting, blurred into one another.  

I have been thinking about many things this week, one of which is that I never posted about completing my course.   I finished it about two weeks ago, and want to thank all of you who bore with me, prayed for me, and encouraged me throughout the past 6 months.  Although I have finished my actual training, I must now complete a 20-hour teaching practicum.  If any of you know someone who is a certified ESL teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience, let me know.  I will be needing a supervisor for this portion of my certification.  Thankfully, I don't have a deadline, and yet, finishing sooner rather than later is still on the radar.  

In other news, Jake and I packed in a rollicking fun weekend last week, and managed to travel to London to visit friends and go to a beautiful, Godly wedding, as well as make the drive up to Orillia to visit my family and stay with them for the remainder of the time.  It was so good to seem them again, since those visits are very few and far between.  

Sometimes I wish I could split myself in to parts (Harry Potter fans, don't get all nervous on me now!).  I wish that I could visit all the people I want, but, unfortunately, there are some people who I just don't seem to get to, or make time for.  If you are one of those people, and I know there are many, please forgive me.  And drop me a line if you want to get together or chat on the phone! I am striving to be more intentional in maintaining relationships, even if you live as far away as B.C. [you know who you are ;)], so bear with me on this one. 

Hope the weather holds out for you today! I can hear little chunks of hail hitting the window, and am feeling a lazy couch day coming on...


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Sorry to have been so long in responding to your blogs .
Pops and I always enjoy reading them.
So glad you were able to stay over at the house last weekend when you you were home visiting your family .
Soon we will be there and I hope you know that you will always be welcome to be with us anytime you are in town.
Congratulations on finishing your course and we will continue to pray that you will be able to find a supervisor for this portion of your certification as you seek to get the 20 hour teaching practicum done
Lots of love Nan