Plug in, spread some light...

Tired eyes and lids of steel
Seem to lend bed quite an appeal.
Yet on this earth I shall not rest
If I am to give God my best.


Some things to ponder:

Are we, as Christians, spiritually obese? (in the words of Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village church)? Do we fill ourselves up with our own spiritual food and sustenance without giving to others? As I was listening to a sermon of his, I was struck by how many people, including myself, do not volunteer enough. We don't give enough of ourselves to others in service, being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am reminded about how the pastor at my church has made an announcement two weeks in a row about how there is a need for more nursery workers. TWO weeks in a row. This should not be! How can we sit there and hear about the needs in the church, as well as outside of the church, and not do anything about it??

We need to ind a church, and plug in where we can, and if you are doing so, I commend you.

God is in need of our service to further his kingdom!


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