And the bus stops here...

[This is where I wish I was right now...]

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if everyone took the bus. People would be more relaxed, and time would be less of a worry. I was out for six hours this afternoon, and only went to two places. Granted, it was the travel time between the two cities that cause it to take so long, not to mention having to walk a ways to get to my destination. However, it was a lovely day, full of sunshine and warmth (though not the kind that makes you want to lie out and tan).

I have been pensive today, quiet, and somewhat sullen. I have not had a decent discussion with anyone, except through texts. Well, there was that one girl on the bus who basically asked if crazy people take it all the time-not in so many words, mind you. She was a little frightened of a certain young man who was acting quite strangely, and, in that, she was not alone. I was also rather disturbed by his actions, and was quite grateful once he departed.

What did I learn on the bus today? That all people, of all ages, shapes, and personalities use it from time to time. There was a man who was with his two little girls (which was quite endearing). They kept asking him to make them laugh, and after a while started talking about how they wanted a Venus fly trap. I was quite curious, and couldn't help but smile.

I love watching how people interact with each other. I don't realize how much I observe people until I am in public without anyone else to distract me. I watch how couples interact especially, but try not to observe too much, because then I start to miss Jake. I notice if a guy is helping his girlfriend with something, or if a mother is treating her children with respect and love. Relationships are so important, and we tend to spoil them so much. I often wish I could go back and re-do the way I interacted with my siblings and parents growing up, while at the same time I am happy I have learned something from those times.

I hope everyone has a great week-end. Two more days until Missions Conference starts :)


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