The Call to Give...

Listening to Pat's testimony in chapel moved me almost to the point of tears. How can I even compare my own struggles with what she had to deal with? Although she must have, in a sense, come to terms with the past, there was still pain in her voice, and thick emotion as she walked us through her journey. Growing up in a poor family, being molested as a young child, having no food- I am not familiar with such things. God has blessed me so much, and I cannot thank him enough. After hearing what she had to say and listening to what she had to say about the Cambridge Food Bank as well as the kinds of people that appeal for help from there, I was moved to want to do more to serve the Lord. Moved to walk where He walked, among the poor and destitute. I volunteer with some organizations already but know my meager two hours a week is not all God is calling me to give.


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