On things that matter...

Let's not take for granted the things we have, and remember that they are temporal, and that God gave them all to us. I am grateful for friends who understand, a family that loves me, an incredibly thoughtful and sweet, godly boyfriend, as well as many other things. Currently, these are the ones that matter. If you are reading this right now, I love you!


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Singinglady said...

Dear Ash

You really said it like it is!!

We should not take our relationships with those we love and care for lightly.

We are blessed to have so many special ones in our lives.

You are one of them and we love you so much.


I love you too
I hope you can see
You mean everything
And the world to me.

You've brought me joy
You've thrilled my heart
You've shown me real love
Right from the start.

You're my love
And my bestest friend
The one person in the world
On whom I can always depend.

I'll love you today
And every day after
For you bring into my life
So much joy and laughter.

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