ah, c'est bon...

My day: I went to church, and then had perogies and bacon which Jake made, then went to a birthday party and ate delicious cake and then looked at my vocab cards with Jake, and then had French club with Lois, Stef, Steph, and Amy, where we ate goat cheese on crackers and drank sparkling pomegranate juice, and spoke lots of French! The end.


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Singinglady said...

Hi darling

I made it to #3 and as you have been brief I will try to do likewise.

My day:
I went to church. Pops stayed home, as he didn’t feel too good.
We got a ride to TO for my support group meeting
Home to try to figure out what to make for us to eat.

It sounds like you had a nice day with Jake preparing your repast afterward.

Topping this off with a birthday party and French club fun with your friends and your yummy sounding snacks comme vous avez parlé ensemble en français.

I close with these words


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