Birthday week-end...

This week-end it was my birthday, and I was able to drive home with Jake and Mel. We didn't do too much, but what we did do was so much fun! On Saturday night Dad treated us all to Chinese food, and Mel bought a delicious Skor cake from Mariposa market. Jake and I were able to go to Brewery Bay and get the fried pickles that our taste buds have been dreaming about since July. On Sunday, Maria invited Jake and I to go over to her house for homemade waffles, and so we went :) We enjoyed every moment of her company, and the waffles, which we deliberately smothered in woodles of whipped cream and bits of bananas and riffs of raspberries and pieces of pineapple. It was delightfully enjoyable! Later on, everyone but Mom and Dad went to Harbour Inn, and we got to go for a swim. Thanks so much for having us there, Nana and Poppa! We had such a great visit, and I can't believe how fast the time went.

Mom was very sick when we got there on Friday night, but our friend Maria, who is a reflexologist, put her essential oils on her and prayer for mom to get better, and the transformation was incredible! Her energy was back up within hours, and it is easy to see that God is doing great acts of healing through his servant Maria. It is astounding.

Last night driving home on the 401 in the dark was not quite the nightmare I was expecting it to be. Jake drove for about 30 minutes, but he was quite tired so I continued on. God quite literally created a space bubble around me a plethora of times on the journey home. Every so often, especially after I was particularly freaked out with changing lanes, I would find myself separated about 100 ft. in front and 100 ft. in back from the cars surrounding me, as if God was saying, "You go ahead and relax, you're almost home." I have never experienced God's presence so much during driving before, and am infinitely grateful to him for his mercies.

Thank you to all of you who made my birthday a blast, my family and Jake and Ruth-Ann, and Maria :)


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Well here it is into November and even though I have read all your posts when you sent them,
I flagged each one so I would not forget to get back to you.

I have seldom missed responding since you first began, but as I am backed up, I will just be brief and comment as necessary…

However this one does warrant a few words, as we did get to share a part of this weekend you.

We were so glad that you were able to come home with Melissa and Jake and celebrate your birthday with your family and friends in Orillia.

It was like old times for you to come out to Harbour Inn and have a visit, dinner and a swim and show Jake around where you celebrated several of your early birthdays parties.

The time did go so fast but even though it was a short visit, we managed to squeeze in a lot and I got some nice pix to add to my memory bank.

Glad that you had a safe drive home and that that you had a wonderful birthday weekend.
Lots of luv NAN