Oh History...How we love thee...

I am in the midst of writing a book report for History class. I know I am stalling right now, but I have been at it for an hour now, and decided to share an interesting paragraph I came across:

"Other issues also provoked controversy. History teachers at all levels have a responsibility to determine what sort of history they want their students to learn. Is memorizing "the facts" enough, or is it also necessary to instill a sense of critical and analytical thinking, a set of skills regarded in some circles as potentially seditious...Among other things, the study of history addresses questions of national identity and unavoidably arouses partisan debate." (History and Historians, Mark T. Gilderhus, p. 118).

Before reading this book, I had no idea that history created such a controversy like it does. I am chagrined to say it, but I believe that it was good to read such a dry book. In retrospect, I now understand why teachers make us do the things we do. What we sometimes think is a pain and just one more thing to do for school, professors know what the outcome will be. They enjoy challenging and stretching us, and I am happy that it still happens, no matter what year this history course is geared for.

I wasn't expecting to write my next blog about this, and perhaps neither were you. Bellydancing was high on the priority list, as was my week-end and speaking Portuguese on Sunday. However, God knows differently, and He alone knows why I start to understand things as I write about them seven hours before they are due.



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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
I am backed up with my replies to your messages but I will just keep my remarks short this time
History was a favourite subject of mine but that was many long years ago
I am glad that you are trying to look at your situation now with an open mind and are stepping up to the plate and are willing to accept the challenging a stretching of your mind.
I hope you got the assignment done on time.

They enjoy challenging and stretching us, and I am happy that it still happens, no matter what year this history course is geared for.

Will look forward to some reports on the belly dancing and that was neat that you have an opportunity to speak Portuguese last weekend.
Where did hat take place?

I will move on now to the next note


I thought this was a neat reading.
I just opened it today for the first time as it came in earlier this week

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