Beggin' you for mercy...

So in total contrast of my last blog, I am now listening to Mercy by Duffy. Perhaps it was just the type of music I was listening to that i was annoyed with. Because I have no problem listening to Hillsong's praise and worship. I always feel in a very worshipful mood when I listen to their songs, and I can never get enough.

I am enjoying my sessions with my missions profs, in catching up on the class I was supposed to finish much earlier. I thought it would be kind of a drag, but, since it has been more one-on-one, I am able to ask questions I wouldn't have been if it was in a classroom setting. I am learning about many of the major issues and trends in missions, such as the charismatic movement, and missionary care, and globalization of the Christian center. We only have three more meetings, and then I have to read 20 books on the topics we have discussed and do annotated bibliographies on them. After that, it is just the exam to finish and I am FINITO!!!

Last night Cait slept over and kept me company. I made Aunt Tracey's artichoke dip, and we ate that and chocolate covered cranberries and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was fun, and nice to spend time with her. It's funny how even though we were roommates all summer, we really didn't do too much together. I like her :)

I saw Jake for 5 minutes today, and he made me happy! Well, actually he basically tickled me the whole time, so I was laughing and gasping for air, trying to ask him to stop. It was fun!

Missy and I went out for coffee, and it was great to see her for a little bit. She's moving to college on Saturday, so the times we see each other will be few and far between I fear. Although the people whom I would consider to be my best friends live in different cities from me, I still have many amazing friends here, and I look forward to getting to know them better.

What a gorgeous day today! God is so good in giving us some wonderful last days of summer, even though it is already September. I walked home from Starbucks and was able to enjoy the sun.

I am looking forward to tonight-Jake and I are going on a date! He has been doing training all this week, so I haven't seen much of him. This is why tonight is so special, and I cannot wait!


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Singinglady said...

Hi sweetie,
It was good to read today’s blog, as it was a bit more upbeat than yesterday’s.
When you got the right combo in your music it seemed to do the trick.

I am glad that you seem to be enjoying this course on a one to one basis and that you can ask questions pertaining to these various subjects you mentioned.
Sounds like you have a bit of work to go as you begin to read the book requirements.

You had a fun evening last night with your friend as you enjoyed the specialty snacks and watched that funny movie.
I think that was about the last movie that we actually went to the show to view.

You friends are moving on, but I am sure this will be a good year as you make new ones.

These past few days have been bonus ones weather wise.
They make up for the many that were really not up to the summer standards

Say hi to Jake for me and I hope you have a nice “date” evening.
I leave you tonight with this message

Lots of luv
NAN xoxoxo

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There are so many things of which you are capable; you could not even list them all.
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