Music Overload...

I love music. It is a passion that runs deep within me. To play, to listen and to dance to. It has been ingrained in me since I was born. From before I was born. But lately, I have had no desire to listen to music. I will turn on a song, and then get bored so I will shut it off. Or I will just get annoyed with it. This doesn't happen often. But it is concerning. And disconcerting.

Perhaps God is telling me something. To embrace and to eventually crave silence and solitude.

I hope this won't be for forever, because it feels wrong to be hatin' on music.



Singinglady said...

Hi there my darling,
What is going on with you??
Fried brain and fluffy feelings ??
Music annoying you ???

This is hard for me to understand and I am sure it is something you are wrestling with by the sound of it.

You have had a tough time these past few months and I think you have to realize that some of these feelings are legitimate.

You have gone through a major trauma in your body and even though you may be feeling in top shape, you still have to throw yourself some slack .

“Be still and know that I am God”, is still a great verse to hold on to.
Listen to what He is trying to tell you as you seek to rest in Him.
Lots of luv NAN xoxox

Don’t Quit
When you decide to change something in your
Life you start out with a commitment, determination
And passion to make it happen.
But, as time passes
The euphoria that dominated your thoughts has a
Way of waning.

If you let your passion completely fizzle out,
the Commitment you made becomes internalized as
You feel like you let yourself down.
Your Self esteem and self confidence sink.
Don't let
This happen !

Realize it is up to you and nobody else to stay
Dig deep within your being and keep
Pushing to reach your goal.

It's up to you to
Keep the passion fire alive and you can do it.

Right now is the time to go the extra mile.
You Have come such a long way-
now is not the time
To quit !


Singinglady said...
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pure.lily said...

hm! interesting... try it for a day or two and see what happens!