Yesterday I got my shot for my trip to South Asia. I drove down to Barrie ALL by myself(I was sooo excited to be driving again!) and got it done. My arm hurts today, but that's ok.

Sometimes I despise being at home alone, but today I am really enjoying the quietness of it all. It is not too quiet. I hear the hum of the computers, the ticking of a nearby clock, the clanging of clothes in the dryer, the swish of cars driving by outside, and the clicking of the keyboard as I type. Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere where it is truly...absolutely...quiet. Then again, that might drive me crazy, being in silence. It's something we forget about in our society, because we never stop long enough to be quiet. That just means we have to make the extra effort to find silence!

I should go and get some homework done...

I hope you all have a great afternoon!

Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hi dear,
A little late getting back to you with my comments.
By now your week at home will be just a memory, but I am sure that you enjoyed every minute of it.
Hope that your arm is feeling better now.
I hope you got all the homework assignments done that you had to work on.
Lots of love Nan xoxox