Home Again...

It's my first night home after being gone for a month, and I am so happy to be here again! Katie came with me, and it was nice having company on the ride up.

I missed all my family, and I still haven't seen Dad yet! I love coming home once a month, because it makes the time with family even more special. I definitely don't take it for granted.

Tonight we went to a talent show at the kids' school, and poor Vanessa was so discouraged as she felt it was not the best one they've ever had. I had to laugh, as in a sense she was right, but there are some talented kids that go to the school!

This week-end is going to go entirely too fast, I just know it. I am so excited to be getting baptized. I hope that this will be the start of my renewal in Christ, as I solidfy the commitment I made to Him to follow him forever.

I hope that you all have a wonderful evening.

Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hi my darling.
Once again you have had a safe trip home for the weekend and I am sure that you are enjoying having Katie’s company as well.

I am glad you have such positive thoughts about your home and family.
You have had a lot of time over these past two years when you were away from them and it is at these times you can reflect on just how much you do love them all and you can appreciate each one for their own personalities and also your parents for how much they have put into raising you all.

Now you are about to take a step ahead in your spiritual walk as you and your sisters are baptized tomorrow.

We all are looking forward to being present to witness this step of obedience you are taking to God and we will pray that it will only be the beginning of a long and dedicated life lived for Him.

We were sorry we missed the talent night at OCS last night.
We usually get to see it, as this would have been our week at Harbour Inn.
Sorry Vanny was disappointed in the evening but I am sure everyone appreciated those who did take part.

We are excited to be able to come tomorrow with your Oma and Grandpa.
We appreciate them driving us there.
It will be a great day!
Lots of love Nan