Ice-filled Sundays...

This morning I woke up earlier than normal, because I didn't want to be in a rush to get out the door for church. When the time came for us to leave, we looked out the window, and the bus still hadn't come to pick us up. Then we went outside, and as soon as we stepped out onto the sidewalk, we started sliding around. It was icy, and we weren't surprised that the bus hadn't come. Since many of us normally take the bus to go to another church, we decided to walk up the street to a different one. It was an interesting walk, and by that time it was raining. By the time we got to church, we were cold and soaked, but it was worth it. I enjoyed singing older hymns, songs that I haven't sung in a while. The pastor gave a great sermon, talking about how we need to pray for others. Thankfully we got a ride back to the school as it was still raining.

I enjoyed going to a different church. It's always neat to experience how other Christians worship. It also made me appreciate the church that I normally attend!

I am frustrated about Family Day tomorrow. I don't understand the point of the holiday. They are encouraging people to spend time with their family, but what about the students who are in college and can't get home? It really doesn't make sense to put a holiday in February. I don't know. I'm going home on Friday anyways, so I guess it doesn't matter. I will just have to spend time with my friends here, and do lots of homework!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. May God bless you all in whatever you choose to do.

Love, Ash xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Hi darling,
It was a miserable day here yesterday too but at least you were able to get to church with your friends and experience another worship service.
Hope that your Family Day went well than you were anticipating and that you were able to use the day off to an advantage for catching up on your homework.
I am sure you are looking forward to going home on Friday as you anticipate the wonderful experience you will be having on Sunday for your baptism with your sisters,

Hope your week goes great.
Lots of love NAN xoxo