Character in the Making...

You know that thing that God tests you on? That "thing" that you keep thinking you've got under wraps then all of a sudden shows up again at the most inappropriate moment?  Well, mine is patience.  All my life God keeps bringing me back to this one thing, and, at surface level, it doesn't feel like I'm becoming any more patient.  If I take a deeper look, however, I can see those places where God has used His tests to hone my character to be more Christlike, where patience has prevailed despite my sinful human nature.

Recently Jake and I acquired some news that will challenge our spiritual character for years to come.  I keep asking the Lord to please give me more patience, and I think He's just given me the lifetime training plan for it.

Character building is ongoing in the life of a believer, and our Teacher has high expectations.

And yet...

He doesn't challenge us without giving us the necessary tools to navigate through, and He's always patient with us!

There is also hope in knowing that these struggles only last for this lifetime, and that when we worship God in eternity, he will have made our  character training complete.


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Anonymous said...

There is a legitimate sense of loss when we find out our lives won't, can't, or haven't turned out the way we imagined.. but as you said, God is working in us through those things, and in a sense giving us something with one hand just as he is taking something away with the other. Love and prayers to you and Jake and Adrian from us.