Tag teaming...

Knowing when you're spent, when you've absolutely hit the end of your rope, admitting when you need help...

This can be hard to do.

Adrian has been awake pretty non-stop for the past couple of days. He has been  napping on and off, but they have been so unpredictable. For example, as I type this he's napping on me, but who is to say he won't wake up the moment I move him to his bed?

I'm so grateful to be doing this parent thing with Jake. He's always telling me,"I'm on your side" when my frustration mounts to the point of seeing him as the enemy. When I get frustrated and worn out with Adrian, Jake is always there to give me a break, and vice versa. We're partners, and I like it that way.

However, I have to work really hard to remember that he isn't just the father of our child, but that he's my husband who also deserves much needed love and attention when he gets worn out and tired from day to day life as a parent, student, and sole provider for our family.

Babe, I love you, and you work so hard to keep this family happy and healthy. Thanks for being my partner and for having godly patience and wisdom when times get tough.


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