A Shameless Little Plug ...

I've learned that sometimes being a mother means quickly finding food  to shove in your face when your screaming baby is vying for attention.

It means a 5 minute shower is a luxury.

It means it can take you an hour to finish a bowl of pasta for dinner.

It means your tea can go cold while you're making silly faces at your baby in hopes to be rewarded with a smile. 

Now hold on a minute...

I can handle some of those other minor setbacks, but... cold tea?  Unacceptable.  There is nothing comforting about returning to a mug of cold tea, especially if it's black.  So I've started putting my tea in a travel mug, and, Voila! Problem solved.  I can leave that tea for a good six hours, and it will at least be room temperature upon my return.  

Now, I must admit that I've been quite the advocate for coffee over the years, especially my beloved French press.  Pregnancy and post-pregnancy have changed my java consumption, since the caffeine in coffee can be unkind to my baby's little digestive system.  Not only have I started drinking more tea, but I've also started drinking what I call gourmet, or luxury, tea.  It's not boxed, stale, bagged tea.  It's loose-leaf "Hawa-ya-Doin' Green", "Leapin' Lizards Chai", or "After Eight Black".  It's delicious, it's re-brewable, it's Steeped Tea!

How did I get hooked up with such amazing beverages at my fingertips?  My sister, Melissa Wright, is an independent consultant in Orillia, ON, and she kept enticing me with me little samples until I could no longer resist the pull.  I finally bought some delicious Amaretto Rooibos and Ginger Peach black tea, and was not disappointed. Not only does she sell hot teas, but also cold/iced teas, hot chocolate, and various tea drinking paraphernalia, such as travel mugs, beautiful tea pots, and decorative infusers.  

So, for all you busy people out there who enjoy a nice, warm, perfect cuppa tea, don't waste another minute drinking cold, boring, store-bought bagged tea.  Check out Steeped Tea with Melissa Wright (or your nearest independent consultant) for all your travel mug and loose-leaf needs.

**Melissa did not endorse me to write this, but I'm hoping that when I visit her next she'll have my favourite pot of "Coco Sweet Sencha" green tea a-brewin' !

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Anita said...

love steeped tea - my fav? is tcreamof earl grey - so so good!