Meal Plans Revised...

Since giving birth to Adrian, meals have been pretty much the last thing on our minds (even though food is still the number one thing on my mind!).  We are thankful for many people from our church who made meals for us that first week home, but after that was all gone, we were left to our own devices (and kitchen!) again.

As I caught myself stuffing my face with marshmallows for the millionth time in a desperate attempt for some quick sustenance, I realized something had to change.  I love change and variety, I really do, but right now what I need is stability.  Jake and I decided to come up with a weekly meal plan that we can count on, so we're not scratching our heads wondering what to make, or, worse, giving up on a meal because it's too complicated for our busy schedules.  Better yet, Jake can make at least three of these meals!  Here is our very user-friendly, easily adaptable meal plan for this season of our lives:

monday: spaghetti
tuesday:chicken stir fry
wednesday: sweet potato chili
thusday: fish
friday:chicken fajitas
saturday: train wreck

sunday: quiche

I like that it's healthy and predictable, and if we want to try something new, we can always change it up.  I'm looking forward to eating better in the next coming weeks (but I can't promise that s'mores won't happen ever again...)


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