In Memory of Craig Simmons

I didn't know you that well, but I knew you enough to know what kind of a person you were. God gave you the gifts of honesty and boldness, and he gave you a passion and a fire for his glory and to see his kingdom come. You loved missions so much, and I know that when you and Kristin went to Korea to teach English, that you would use that time to minister to the people around you, and to share your love of Christ.

I remember your booming laugh, and how you made everyone around you eager to hear what you had to say next.
I remember you getting so revved up for MissionsFest, especially when you were the chair for Global missions.
I remember your strength, and how full of life and vitality you were.

So I don't understand why God took you instead of leaving you here on earth to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Not to mention the fact that you just got married in August. Not even a year with your beautiful love.

Ah, there are so many questions and sadness in this tragedy. The people in your world will not be the same without you. Your wife, your family, and your close friends miss you and grieve deeply. It is our natural, human outpouring of emotion. You made such an impact on people, and have left a deep wake in your path. It is going to take a long time to be fully recovered from your beautiful life. And yet, God gives us a beautiful hope, that you are now with him, singing praises to His glorious name. You wouldn't want us to grieve for you, either. I can picture it now, you'd probably see us crying and say, “Guys, I'm with JESUS!!! Get over it! I'm in a place that is better than you guys will ever know until you join me here. So quit your crying, and rejoice that I'm with my maker!”

Indeed, you are with Jesus, and whatever reason He had for taking you home so early in your young life, His name gets all the glory.

Praying and trusting, for we have hope in HIM,


On God's path said...

Gulp, that was beautifully put. Thank you Ashleigh.

Phil Cotnoir said...

Thanks for writing that, Ashleigh.