Feel like dancin'...

Neither Jake nor I have owned a car before, so, needless to say, we both feel pretty happy for the blessing that we received today, after a couple of weeks of worry over insurance. It was nice to see Jake's cousin and his wife again today. It wasn't nearly long enough, but we were fairly bursting at the seams to take our car out for a drive. Jake got the honours of driving it back, and although the drive was longer than normal due to an accident on the highway, I had to remind myself to be patient and enjoy the drive with my man. It felt so surreal, and Jake looked so good, driving both confidently and cautiously. He is most definitely a handsome man, and even more so with his hand on the wheel. I felt so blessed to be staring at him while we listened to tunes, soakin' up the rays while crusin' in our new, sweet ride. The most amazing sense of freedom, coupled with responsibility, accompanied me along the way. I was once again reminded that whenever I can walk somewhere, I must, to avoid getting into car laziness syndrome. I have given myself a 20 min. radius walking distance, and anything further than that I will drive the car. Plus, Jake and I now need to communicate even more, due to the fact that we're sharing a vehicle: who gets it when, who gets to drive, who has to clean it.... (that will be my job haha). We're looking forward to cleaning it out this week-end and getting some mirrors, a little garbage pouch, a car freshener, maps, and some kleenex, not to mention Jake is SO ecstatic to put together a little emergency package, complete with granola bars, matches, water, blankets, etc. I have wanted to own a car for the longest time, and I would not trade this moment for anything. Not only do I own a car, but I co-own it with the man I am about to marry in, oh, 122 days :)

It was my last day of work, and because of the highway accident, I was late by an hour and a half. But thankfully Susan understood, and she was just as happy to see our car as we were. I also had a meeting with my co-teacher for the English Training Camp next week, and feel a little bit better about how it's going to go.

Something that ticks me off: When I buy dinner, thinking a.)I don't have any dinner at home b.)I won't make dinner when I get home, and then when I get home, someone makes dinner and offers me some. I often wish I could have predicted the future and could know when someone will offer me food so I don't have to buy any.

Random question of the day: Why do people laugh when they're nervous?


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Singinglady said...

Hello my darling
First of all congratulations to you and Jake on the addition of a vehicle to your life.
It's always exciting to be first time owners and it will make life a little easier for both of you for travelling around.
It will give you a sense of independence in that you will not have to reply on others for rides.
With it comes the various responsibilities but I am sure you will come to a satisfactory way to deal with them and it sounds like you are getting off on the right track.

It was sad to hear the reason for the hold up of traffic on your way back to work .
You have had a good year with your school job and we will be praying for you as you move on to the next step of preparing and teaching the English course this summer.
Lots of love to you both
NAN xoxox