Pondering dendrology...

Trees are so glorious. I am in awe that God designed such a marvelous creation, amidst all the other wondrous living things on earth.

The thing that baffles my mind is this:

Why do trees become most vulnerable in the winter, when it is the most cold? All through spring, summer, and most of the autumn season they have leaves, which, by the way, account for most of their astounding beauty.

However, once winter rolls around, they bare their branches and are exposed to the harsh elements. Animals grow thicker fur, our skin gets tougher, and even water freezes into a thick level of ice during the winter, and yet trees remain bereft and in wanting.
Tonight I went to a volunteer appreciation dinner. It was delicious, and yet my resolve for Lent flew out the door with the promise of chocolate mousse cake on the menu. Seriously. They would. No worries, folks, I did give in, but I will go an extra day for Lent.


Remember when giving in was such a bad idea?? Talk about testing my self control.

the mousse cake was scrumptious.... AND I won a door prize for Tim Hortons.

Perfect way to end the day :)


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