Avocado love...

With the taste of my sumptuous dinner still flowing through my salivary glands, I am almost paralyzed by the wonders that are avocados. While their flesh is a puke green colour and their taste consists of a bland nothingness that almost immediately induces the gag reflex, these oval-shaped pitted fruit are the epitome of diversity. You can scoop them out and spread them on a sandwich as a healthier option to mayo, or chop them up and add them to a tomato sauce. Their creamy texture is an acquired taste, but don't give up! I definitely didn't like avocados when I first tried them, but after working in a coffee bistro where they were used in wraps and crepes alike, I was hooked. Plus, they are also very good for your heart :) That should be a good enough reason to try one. The best way to get introduced to avocado would be to add it to something else, like a sandwich, that way you taste it subtly without being exposed to the strange texture on its own. I had almost forgotten how good they taste when they're warm, when they get soft from the heat. It is quite the experience!

I am going home tomorrow, just for the day, to visit the family and catch up. I am excited :)

But there definitely won't be avocados there!



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