Humous and Afghan bread...

Oh, I am addicted to humous. I'm glad it isn't bad for you, because I would be in serious trouble. My roommate made some the other day, and it is incredible! She told me I could have as much as I wanted, but I said, "Don't say that to me, because I seriously will eat it all!"

I had the best sleep last night. I haven't been able to sleep in all week, as I get up early to get ready for class or work. I slept in until 10:45am, and I feel so good and rested! My plan was to get up and do homework, but I've been just taking it slow this morning. I still have lots to do today, including grocery shopping and spending lots of time with God.

Please pray for me, I have had lots on my mind lately about practically every facet in life. I feel sorry for Jake, because my mood has been on a constant swing multiple times a day. I just praise God for the stability he has given me with relationships with Jake, my family and my friends. And definitely with my relationship with Jesus Christ. I praise Him for that!


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