Recital and Obssessions...

Tonight was my bellydance recital. My first one ever. And it was everything I had hoped for and more! I got to perform for the first time in public as well as watch live bellydance acts. I was nervous before I started dancing, but as soon as I started dancing I had no qualms whatsoever. I was just so excited to be dancing finally! At the end, a bunch of the bellydancers got back on stage and danced improv, with someone in the front leading! It was hard for me to do what they were doing because I am not that good yet, but I hope to be someday! My goodness, it is a lot to aspire to. I think it is such a beautiful dance form, and bellydancers are so talented! After long years of wanting to learn bellydance, my dreams came true and God gave me this opportunity. It makes me so happy! Sometimes I feel like I am obssessed with it, and could spend hours watching videos and studying the way the dancers move. But I don't want to think about bellydancing more than God; there needs to be some balance in this!



katelynjoy said...

man! I'm so glad it went well! Glad you had a lovely time! P.S I loved seeing your house and our visit! so glad we were able to connect. Love you mucho!!!

Singinglady said...

Dear Ash
Sorry I took so long to get back to you on this post.

The last three days have been really busy and I am really backed up with my emails and replies.

I read this soon as it came in though and I was so glad to hear that the recital met your expectations and more, and that you did so well.

Maybe there will be another one sometime and if we know ahead we can come and see you perform.

Are you planning to continue another round of lessons or is that it for this year?

I am sure this has just whetted your appetite if it is as interesting as you have told us!

I really like the pictures you posted too and have the one of you and your friend on my screen saver.
You can imaging how great it looks on the big screen!

Hope your week is going well.

Say hi to Jake and I send you lots of luv and hugs

In Touch Ministries
Dr. Charles Stanley 11-17-09

John 16:5-16

Think about those days when you are "too busy to pray"....
or the times you think,
Why bother God when there isn't much going on?

The truth is, you're then relying on yourself.

But even when life is routine and boring, the Father wants us on paths of righteousness.