It's been too long...

It was about three weeks ago that I decided to expend my fury upon my laptop bag as I tried stuffing it into my half locker at the school. Even when it came crashing down on top of my foot, I did not find out until much later that I had broken the hard drive in my computer. I am grateful have connections and friends who fix computers, and one of my friends was so gracious in fixing my own. Praise the Lord!

I have obviously not written a blog in a long time. It has been too long, people. Much too long.

Jake and I broadened our culinary skill once again tonight, as we made scalloped potatoes. It was an adventure laden with chopping and mincing skills, stirring and pouring skills, and waiting and chatting skills. I forgot how much I love cooking with him.

As we ate a romantic dinner by candlelight at the dining room table which we rarely use, we caught up on some things that had been bothering us, and simply enjoyed being together. I love spending time with him immensely.

He brought me flowers, beautiful purple carnations! I had never seen purple carnations before this occasion, and will take pictures of them. I adore flowers, and I love how he can give me flowers "Just Because". He is one of a kind, and I adore him!

I found this website entitled "Win free stuff" and I want to see if I can win a free iPod Touch, so I must post this website: ( i posted it below)

It has some good information about organ donations, and I find it interesting. You should check it out!

Anyways, have a good night!



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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash.
I was sorry when I heard that the hard drive in your laptop was broken in the fall from your locker.
So glad that you had friends that could come to your rescue and get it fixed for you.

We did miss the updates on you blog site and it is good to have you back.

It gives us a little bit of closeness to you as you share snippets of what is going on in your life and we are excited for you as you and Jake move along in your relationship and we hear of your culinary adventures and even the romantic candlelight evenings.

How thoughtful and caring he is with you and even little gestures like gift of the purple flowers,” Just Because” are part of what makes for your warm and growing feelings for him.

The more he loves and cares for you the more we will love him!

You have a special place in our lives and we want only the best for you and if he treats you in this way he will cement his place in our hearts too.

Lots of luv NAN

See through God's eyes and feel through God's heart and you will appreciate the value of every soul including yourself.