I wanna sock hop...

I want to write. But don't know what to say.

I just feel like putting down random words, in hopes that they will begin to make sense. In any case, is this even considered writing? I am staring at a computer screen, clacking away on the keyboard. Technically, I am simply typing, rather than writing. Do you ever wonder if more creativity comes out when you write on a pad of paper, with a pen filled with ink?

This morning in church, my mom said God gave her a vision of everyone in the world praising him at their worship services. She said it was like she was sitting with God above the earth, watching their songs, music, hearts, and attitudes swirling up to him like a sweet aroma. She said it was such a tremor of sound, and so beautiful. I think I can somewhat understand how that would sound, particularly when I am listening to beautiful music, so full and rich in its reverberation. When I listen in headphones, it feels like the sound is within me, and I am a part of it. Why does there seem to be such a connection between people and the music they listen to? We have a fixation with it, and such a love (almost to the point of idolization) of music. However, there is something to be said about how notes can be arranged to such an extent that they move someone emotionally.

As I listen to a soothing version of Silent Night, I bid you a wonderful evening, urging you to send up your worship and praise as a sweet aroma to our God.


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