It'll Do You Good...

Our poor cat has gone through quite a bit of stress in the past few months.  She moved to a new location with her previous owners, then transferred to our place within a month of that and has had to adjust to new owners and lifestyle.  So I would not fault her for a little bit of hissing and standoffish-ness {which she is completely over now}.  But the spraying on our carpet? The urination on our bed? So not cool.  I have been doing a bit of research and the latest bit is that, after cleaning up and completely eliminating the smell of her urine in various places in your house, you have to make her litter box irresistible.  You have to clean out the poop daily, change over the litter weekly, and make sure it's in a private location so she feels comfortable.  It's all mind games {including putting aluminum foil over top of freshly washed areas that she previously sprayed on-apparently cats don't like the sound or feel, so they avoid it!}  
I'm curious to see how it works {including that over-priced organic "Cat Uriinate No-More!" spray we bought from the pet store}.  In the meantime, she is still proving to be useful and boastfully brought out a dead mouse she had caught the other day.  She is also quite affectionate at certain times of the day, and plops herself down into our laps no matter how inconvenient the timing. 

I guess we can keep you, Pepper...


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