A Thanksgiving to Remember...

A year ago today we got to bring Adrian home from the hospital two weeks after he was born. Then we immediately drove two hours north to a Thanksgiving gathering, surprising everyone with our new little addition. As we were driving there yesterday, I couldn't help but reminisce on the feelings and emotions that I felt last year... It was the first time that Jake and I were truly alone with our baby, no nurses hovering , no feeding tubes, no machines monitoring his breathing. Just us parents, whom God entrusted to look after such a tiny, fragile miracle. What a year of learning, of growth, seeing Adrian go from hour and a half long nursing sessions to less than ten minutes; from sitting with him in the back seat to make sure his head wouldn't flop forward to giving him Mum-mum's to eat while I'm driving. All this and more fills my heart with so much gratitude.


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