When the Craving Hits...

The sweet tooth is unpredictable, or at least mine is.  Some days I can go without anything sweet, feeling so proud of my resistance to temptation. The next day, though...oh! how it hits me hard.  Wait, perhaps it's hormonal ups and downs?! 

Whatever the reason, I have recently discovered a little something that helps me during that sweet craving slump, specifically during the early afternoon after lunch when I'm a little tired, and also in the evening when I feel like ending my evening with tasty confections.

So here it is: Coffee Cacao hot drink

Mix 1 tsp instant coffee with 1 tsp cacao powder and cover with boiling water in a regular size mug. 

I usually drink this without any sugar (I sometimes add a drop of stevia), but it hits the spot.  If you prefer to add sugar, try a couple drops of stevia, or a little maple syrup.

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**Important Notes
  • Don't confuse cacao powder with cocoa powder.  Cacao powder is the cacao bean in its purest form.  Cold pressed and made into a powder, it contains many health benefits, including antioxidants, fiber, and magnesium.  You can get this at natural food stores or any grocery store that has a natural food section. 
  • Instant Coffee. I know. I went there.  People who know me know I drink my coffee black, so I can tell when coffee tastes bad (*cough cough Maxwell House cough cough*).  I picked up Giant Tiger brand instant coffee for a recipe, and was curious enough to try drinking it, too.  People, it's good! Don't believe me, try it yourself.  In a pinch, when you're desperate for some instant coffee, Giant Tiger delivers.
  • I have tried to double this recipe to make a giant mug, but for some reason it doesn't taste as good.  So I usually make another cup if I feel like more (again, the beauty of instant!) If you can figure out how to double the recipe to make it doubly delicious, please leave a comment.
I have discovered the joys of stevia recently, since it's a way to add natural sugar taste without the calories OR the added grams.  It is actually derived from a plant, and can be found in any grocery store/health food store in either liquid or powder (like sugar) form.  Be careful to check the label when buying stevia in packets.  I made the mistake of buying a brand that added dextrose!  
I would be interested to hear if anyone tries this delicious drink, and what you think/how you made it according to your taste.


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