How to Save a Mind...

And here we are, precious friends, slogging through life, looking for ideas, ways, paths to make it less difficult, to slow it down, to make it stop, if that were even possible.  And so I find myself trying to keep moving, planning, thinking, loving without losing sight of the most important things in life.  I have felt the stress pile up so high it would likely suffocate me if it weren't for my husband by my side, softly reassuring me that everything will be fine.  I cling to his gentle words and patient rebukes like he were my drug, longing for the rock-solid steadiness that he exudes.  He doesn't change.  The things he thinks about are always on his mind, testing him, teasing him.
My mind is like an ocean, constantly washing up on the shore with new trinkets and findings lost amid its depths ages ago.  I come back to those old doubts, those ancient fears, letting them niggle away at me until I threaten to burst, like a dam let loose.

But my Jake, he feeds our Father's truth to me with such sincerity and love, smoothing over my ruffled feathers, soothing the ache, banishing the lies and deceit that caused the stress and deception from the start.

My God has provided this mere mortal with a grace that defies logic, and he lovingly gifts it to me, for the sake of saving my sanity.

---In which words are not nearly enough to convey this deep love---


Sarah Bessey said...

Beautiful, Ashleigh, and a true gift.

Singinglady said...

To my darling
I am so glad you have your Jake to love and care for you and in turn you do likewise for him.
That is a precious gift for one another XOXO NAN