600th post...

Can you believe it? Thanks to all the readers who have stuck with me through thick and thin, through months of epic posting and months of one post.

My favourite shot of the day
Just enjoying a leisurely evening with the Paynes while my friends and family in Ontario are fast asleep.  We had a great day sight-seeing and taking pictures of 'beautiful BC'. It certainly lives up to my expectations.  I was told by many people it is a lovely province.  The mountains take your breath away!

Anyways, I hope everyone is surviving the heat.  I hear that the weather back home is quite overwhelming. We've been having lovely sunshine but a nice cool wind to even things out.

One more day before Ruth-Ann becomes Mrs. Ruth-Ann Diana!!  



Singinglady said...

My darling
Congratulations on 600 posts
I know I have not responded quite as regularly but we still love to read your updates.
So glad you have been able to get away to be able to be a part of Ruth Ann's wedding party and have that time to be with your best friend to support her on this special day.
Praying that it will be a wonderful day and that you will have a safe trip home.
Lots of love Nan xoxox

Anita said...

congratltaons! this is exciting news! looking forward to many more posts