Happiness Is...

The beloved structure of English grammar (and a handy chart to help me understand do, have, and be in their forms as main verbs and auxiliary verbs).

I have to catch up on three days of grammar.  But I am loving it! And before I am finished here, I will have become, as Jake has so lovingly deemed me, the "Grammar Nazi".

Oh, and here is another wonderful thing that I love:

 my smelly companion while I do said homework.


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Grammar was always a favorite subject of mine but I an sure after all these years a good refresher course would likely be in order for me too.
I find it quite appalling the lack of knowledge that many of today's; generation of students have of the English language both in their speech and in their written work . I am sure that the technology that is being used by the majority these days is responsible for this but it does make me wonder how they will eventually fare in the work force!
This was my little soap box spiel for today.
I don't do that very often do I!
I do like your fragrant candle though and that would still probably bound ahead of the runners on my favorite list! XOXOXXO
Lots of luv NAN