Good News...

She had me waiting with bated breath to see if I would get the job or not, but my new boss from the Heritage cafeteria emailed me today to offer me the cashier position.  Of course I accepted, and I am so eager to start working for her.  It's only 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday, but it's something that allows me to work on my course as well. I am so grateful to God for this, because it's a no-stress place that I feel comfortable working in.  Please pray for my attitude, and that I will be open and receptive to meeting new people (even though I get shy around freshmen).  

In other good news, my good friends Hence and Lois are finally engaged!!! I am so happy and excited for them, and am anticipating another spring wedding to add to our repertoire.  My friends Katie and Ben are also getting married on April 28, so I am eager for all the spring love to bud.  


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Well I just wrote a comment here but somehow when I went to post it, it disappeared!
This is my 2nd attempt and I will try to remember what I said the first time.

I am just making some quick comments as I am behind in your recent blogs.
Good to hear you got the job at the Heritage cafeteria and that it allows you the time you need to work on your courses.
It will be good for you to try to interact with the new students as I am sure you can remember how you felt when you started there and were trying to make first year adjustments.

Congratulations to your friends who will be getting married next spring.
Soon others will also be taking the big plunge.

Lots of luv Nan XOXOX