Chatting With a Purpose...

This morning has been filled with reading on how to minimize TTT, Teacher Talking Time, in the classroom.  I have been struck on how little I knew about teaching, and how I wish I could go back and transform my methodology completely.  If you have some time, read this article by Hugh Dellar.  I was doing some extra reading on TTT, and was instructed that one should only use 30% of the class time in teaching.  The rest should be STT, or student talking time.  A teacher should merely be the facilitator in the classroom.  This explains why my students looked at me with glazed eyes.  I was doing all the talking!  Mr. Dellar suggests that if a teacher is going to talk, they must chat with a purpose.  Make it meaningful for the student, so that they can learn something from it and from your model.

I want to become a good teacher.  I hope that by learning how I have been a bad teacher (no, really, it's true. don't tell me otherwise because I am actually happy that I've come to recognize this!) I can become a better teacher in the future.


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