Nothing is new...

As I listen to the bath water run in the next room, eager to slip into the hot water steaming up the scent of vanilla bath soap, my toes curl in anticipation of finally being warm again. Like most people I know, it is the outer extremities that become cold the most.

I am grateful for the weather this year. Yes, it may be cold, but there could also have been snow already for two weeks or even a month. Living in Canada and despising snow may seem to be an oxymoron for some, but more and more I am meeting people who simply love the heat, and wait anxiously for the summer to come with the warmth of the sun.

Yet, we are called to be patient, and to be content with each season we have. God has definitely provided us with variety, which I am thankful for; I must learn be his myrmidon with grace and less complaining.
Hope you all have a great day


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