Rain + Snow = A Winder..er.. WINTER Wonderland :)

I'm sitting here with my decrepit laptop, which is keeping my lap nice and cozy, while trying to ignore the way my frozen toes are screaming at me to warm them up somehow! When the rest of my body is warm, my toes and fingers are always cold. It's one of those things in life I will never understand!

All during my shift at work today, people kept complaining how miserable it was outside, how the rain was ruining their day bla bla bla....I was just happy it wasn't snowing! All of a sudden, Tom called to me and said, "Ash, come look!" Of course...it was snowing. I don't like snow, but for some reason it was comforting. As much as I hate to admit it, snow is pretty, especially when it's falling softly to the ground.

Even with this admission, I still wish I was somewhere warm.

Wish I was sweating buckets instead of freezing ice cubes...
Wish I could see the grass growing instead of the snow accumulating on the ground...
Wish I could smell the hot asphalt instead of the piercing chill of the night.

Love, Ash


Singinglady said...
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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash,
I hope that you will soon start to warm up, however with the premise of what’s ahead for the next few months, maybe you should invest in some long johns and cozy warm sox to keep our tootsies from freezing!

The rain made things rather dismal today and as I wrote my update tonight I was commenting on the fact that it would likely be starting to snow in the next few days.

Just as I was writing that, Pops called out to me and said that the snow had already started and he could see it coming down big time in the TV monitor.

So much for getting our leave raked again this fall!

I imagine it will look quite pretty in the morning when it is light enough to see how much has accumulated.

The first snow is always nice and fresh looking.
In the meantime try to stay warm and just keep imagining you are in the Southland.

Lots of love
Nan xoxo