No Hay Nadie Como Tu.....

I went to the Treasure House today and bought a CD I had ordered in. It was the Hillsong CD in Spanish :) There's something about listening to worship music in another language that is just so beautiful! Even though I don't understand all the words, it just lifts my soul in a way that other things can't do. I know that God created other languages because people were getting too proud(at the Tower of Babel), but His imagination is so amazing! I can't believe how many languages there are in the world, and that some of them are related, but others are vastly different.

I have been missing speaking in Portuguese lately. I don't know what it is about that language, but I always feel so at peace when the words flow from my lips. Aaaah....I have a love affair with language :) God is so good :)

Today was a restful day...my only day off other than Sunday, and I was able to visit with one of my best friends, and catch up on her life. And guess where I went? the coffee shop I work at...
You would think I get enough of that place when I work there!

Yesterday I wrote a song, and unfortunately I haven't been able to record it, otherwise I would likely be able to put it here. However, I will post the words, and hopefully they will touch your heart:

Lord, I have come here to worship you x2
You alone are worthy, Lord x2

Verse I
In the silence, You speak to me,
Even when I don't hear Your voice.
I try to listen, I want to be free
From the distractions and the noise-

With my mouth I will praise you
With my hands I will serve you
With my feet I will go wherever you lead.

With my voice I will worship
With my heart I will love you
With my ears, I will listen and obey.

Not my will, but Yours be done,
Speak to me, here I am!

Verse II
My desire, the only one I need
Is Jesus Christ who died and took my shame.
Lord, You're my light, help me to be
Unashamed to speak Your name!



I hope everyone has a blessed evening!

Love, Ash

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Singinglady said...

My darling Ash,
I am glad that you had a good rest on Monday for your day off and that you were able to go to the Treasure House to get your new CD.

You have such a gift for picking up languages and I am sure you will soon be singing right along with them in Spanish.

Even though you do not get the opportunity to speak Portuguese these days,
I am sure that you would soon get back into the flow and it would come back quickly if you were speaking with friends.

I am so glad that you are starting to write again, especially your poems.
Thank you for sharing this very beautiful message with us.
We will look forward to more in the future as the Lord lays them on your heart

Lots of luv
NAN xoxo